These Netflix movies will teach you how to scam with swag

We’re sure you’ve heard about Netflix’s latest docu-series Inventing Anna. It’s about an Instagram-heiress who ripped off the hearts and monies of New York elites. Real good true-crime content, if you’re looking to scam (which we do not advise). Not!

We cannot deny that there is a certain attraction towards fraudulent schemes which is best enjoyed vicariously through the big screen. We rounded up a few titles that we figure you’ll like if you enjoy a good scam.

Here are a few titles that’ll teach you how to scam with swag.

1. I Care A Lot

Easily our favourite, Rosamund Pike brings her charisma and unyielding touch to the character Marla Grayson who runs a con around caring for rich old people (and their belongings). If you looking for true grit in a fraudster then this movie is the one for you.

2. The Tinder Swindler

You’ve probably never met a more cunning catfish like this one right here. Simon Lievev was trending all over Twitter a couple of weeks ago once this documentary got released. Prolific with the women and even more so with their funds, this con artist was and is a master at seduction, swipe and ghost. Be prepared to run away from your enemies with this watch.

3. Lupin

This professional thief uses every trick in the book to become France’s legendary gentleman burglar. You’ll have time for this one since it already has two seasons and poised to have have third. This popular French series stars Omar Sy as Assane Diop and carries comedy with each thieving thrill.

4. Dirty Money

From pharmaceutical companies to banks to even Donald Trump, this series looks into the world beneath what we perceive. Companies and their underhanded machinations to always turn a profit even if it costs the ultimate price for everyone else. Buckle up for this six-episode docu-series. It’ll shock you just how real and easy it is to be conned by big brands that you trust.

5. Lords of Scam

And with a fitting name this series comes in as our fifth entry. A gang of con artists find a means to thwart the system and cash out big. Until greed sets in and once-friends become rivals and then enemies. This French documentary shows is based off true life events and is definitely a great watch if you’re on your Fight-The-Establishment type of time.





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