These perfume tips will keep you smelling fresh all day despite the Ghana heat

Ghana is hot! No, really, Ghana is really hot. The average temperature in Ghana ranges between 30° Celsius during the day and 27° at night. In the Northern regions of Ghana, the heat can spike up to 40° Celsius. That’s oven temperature!

But enough climate trivia. Just as the weather is hot we know you want to step out hot and dripping with finesse. And one of the best ways to make a statement is to smell fresh and amazing.

Here are three perfume tips that will keep you smelling fresh all day despite the Ghana heat.

1. Use perfumes with Citrus, Woody or Floral Notes

Best believe that aromatheraphy affect our moods. Perfumes with citrus notes such as lemon and grapefruit will keep you not only feeling fresh but also feeling upbeat and revitalised. Soft floral and woody aromas stay on for longer in hot temperatures. Especially sweet-smelling perfumes with sandalwood, roses and lilies.

2. Pick a long-lasting formula

The main factor that differentiates body sprays from a parfum is the ratio of essential oil to alcohol and water. If you don’t want to be touching up regularly, kindly shelve the Eau de Toilettes and get a bottle of Eau de Parfum, Parfum or Essential Oils. Eau de Parfum lasts for approximately 5 to 8 hours, Parfum lasts for approximately 24 hours and Essential Oils can breathe on your skin and clothes for up to 48 hours. Even after a laundry wash.

If you’ll be outdoors for most of the day going for a perfume type with a higher oil concentration is the best option.

3. Perfume placement

You want to make the most out of your scent. This leads to you placing your perfume at points that will optimize their use.

On your clothes, spritz your perfume an inch away. This will let the alcohol in the perfume evaporate just in time for the essential oils in the scent to latch onto the fabric.

On your body, apply your perfume with unscented lotion or body cream. This will allow for extra longevity in the heat. One of our favourite tips is to apply petroleum jelly to pressure points such as our wrists and behind our ears before a dash of perfume. This keeps the scents from seeping into your pores.

Another tip: apply perfumes on your calves and behind your knees. One of the science lessons we learned back in school is that heat rises. Being a pulse point, spraying there ensures body heat will activate the scent enough to be noticeable and not overwhelming. Smell fresh everyday, all day.





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