These two ingredients are all you need to make the best natural all-purpose cleaner

After Covid, we started swapping most of our all-purpose cleaners for DIY natural ones. That long lockdown gave us time to sharpen our practical skills.

With word of Monkeypox and confirmation of the Marburg Virus in Ghana, we felt it was necessary to share one of our favourite and easiest DIY.

This natural all-purpose cleaner is great for sanitising surfaces, counter tops, windows, sinks and toilets. And it requires only two ingredients- grape fruit and white vinegar!


White vinegar is the result of the grain alcohol fermentation process whereby tons of little microorganisms eat and process alcohol (ethanol), and release the tart, pungent liquid we know as vinegar as a byproduct. Comprised of 10% acetic acid and 90% water, vinegar makes a great cleaner for almost any type of surface.

The smell of vinegar can be choky for some and that’s why we suggest infusing citrus rinds. And this is where our grapefruit comes in. It keeps our spaces smelling fresh and fruity.

Infusing the grapefruit rind in the vinegar takes 10-12 days. After that you’re good to go. You can add tea tree oil to the mix for naturally antibacterial germ-fighting power as well.

How do you make this natural all-purpose cleaner?

What you’ll need is:

• Glass canning jar

• About 2 cups white vinegar

• Tea tree oil (optional)

• Small spray bottle

Step 1:

Peel the fruit and cut away what you can so you have only the pith and colored part of the peel. This is to prevent mold from forming or the fruit from spoiling in the vinegar.

Step 2:

Place the peels in a glass canning jar and cover with vinegar. Put a lid on the jar and let it sit for about a week somewhere dark and cool. In a cupboard works great. You’ll notice the vinegar start to change color and smell like grapefruit.

Step 3:

Strain the vinegar and transfer it to the spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and add about 20 drops of tea tree oil per cup of vinegar.

The oil doesn’t mix up very well with the vinegar (the old oil/vinegar thing) so shake gently before using to mix things up.

Step 4:

Use safely on kitchen counters, sinks, tubs and other surfaces. It’s also safe for floors and some furniture. Check a small are first to be sure, but vinegar is generally safe on most surfaces. Just don’t use on marble!

So there you have it, your natural two-ingredient all-purpose cleaner. Remember to wash your hands before and after use.





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