This Ghanaian-British innovator developed earbuds that translate 40 languages

Danny Manu is the Ghanaian-British tech entrepreneur who built the world’s first auto translating earbuds.

He studied at Oxford Brookes University.

Danny’s earbuds make text-to-speech and speech-to-text possible.

Innovation is the driving force of the 21st century. Transforming lives by discovering new frontiers and breaking down barriers is what innovators seek to do. Today, barriers are being set aside as communication becomes even more easier with the help of Danny Manu’s latest invention.

Danny Manu’s revolutionary earbuds allow for over 35+ language translations in spoken real-time!

Mandarin, Hindu, French, Portuguese and Italian are among the vast library of languages that Click, Danny’s earbuds, can translate into any other parlance. Danny and his outfit MyManu developed Click with its own interactive operating system.

Users can communicate with a vast number of people without necessarily having to be connected to the Internet. The earbuds have a Bluetooth build that allows for synchronisation with smartphones. The earbuds learn the language being spoken by the user and thusly provide instant translations to the person listening.

Danny Manu strives to develop life-changing solutions to improve people’s lives. We believe with these earbuds he most certainly has stalked his way into being the dynamic change that people need. Danny is an engineer and studied at Oxford Brookes University. He previously worked at Quanta Networks Inc. and MEDYBIRD before establishing MyManu in 2014. Danny has a background in music was recently recognised by Google for his contributions to science, arts and culture.

We are proud to see such excellence in innovation.


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