This Ghanaian small business owner got her spices on the shelves of over 150 Target stores in the US

Variety is the spice of life and Ghanaian small-business owner Essie Bartels clearly knows all about that. She runs EssieSpice, a spice business that’s sharing the flavours of West Africa and exotic cultures to the entire world. She’s currently celebrating a huge milestone.

EssieSpice Tamarind OH!

Yes, her eponymously named spice business EssieSpice can now be found on the shelves of almost 200 Target retail stores! Congratulations, Essie! We love to see a queen winning!

She shared the road to her success via her LinkedIn page.

It’s well-deserved. EssieSpice’s traditional West African blends mix influences from Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Europe to create a whirlwind of yum! After you try the Mango Chili Medley-spiced wings on a bed of rice you’ll understand why her traditional flavours remain try and true to finger-licking enjoyment.

EssieSpice Mango Chili Medley-spiced wings

Essie Bartels moved to the US from Ghana when she was 18. Ater college and a stellar career in corporate, Essie decided to take time to augment her spice brand side-hustle which she’d started in 2013. Since then EssieSpice has built a cult following for her spices which are inspired by her native Ghana, Jamaica and even Mexico.

EssieSpice in Target is just the latest win for Essie’s brand. EssieSpice has her spices and sauces in Wholefoods, garnered a spread in TIME Magazine and has been covered by Forbes Magazine.

The beauty of EssieSpice is that apart from her sauces staying true to her heritage with ingredients and Adinkra-symbol labeling, she also gives back to community. EssieSpice supports the education of young girls who attend the Tarkwa Breman Girls School in Guana, a remote community in Ghana’s Western Region.

When asked what EssieSpice aims for her answer is “To UNDO boring, and make African food famous.”

EssieSpice Mango Chili Medley

You can find EssieSpice in Shoprite stores in Ghana, in Wholefoods and Target in the USA or place an order here.





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