This one ingredient in your cabinet is the remedy to hair loss

They say hair is our crowning glory. With talks of alopecia recently, the conversation around hair loss has gotten twisted views.

Why are people offended because someone made a bald joke? Does hair matter?

Well, it sure does for a sizeable portion of the global population.

In 2021 alone, the global hair care market generated approximately 84 billion U.S dollars. And according to Consumer Market Outlook, these statistics could increase by 10 billion U.S dollars 2026.

Evidently, hair matters. But did you know that there’s a common household ingredient that could combat hair loss? This remedy to hair loss is probably sitting somewhere in a jar in your pantry.

What’s the magic ingredient?

Cloves in a spoon.

Cloves. Yes, cloves are a common Ghanaian household spice. They are recognized for their medicinal purposes in digestion and respiratory ailments. But what you didn’t know is they are also a great ingredient for extreme hair growth.

Cloves are rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a pigment boosts tissue health scalp. It also increases blood flow which boosts hair growth. It eliminates dandruff and irritated scalp conditions. Cloves have also prevent premature greying, balding, receding hair lines and hair fall.

How to use cloves to prevent hair loss?

Firstly, bring two cups of water to boil in a pan. In a separate bowl add two table spoons of cloves. Pour the hot water in the bowl of cloves and stir until brownish-yellowish. Then let the mixture sit for a good 24 hours. You can transfer it into a Mason jar or any container of your choice. Once the mixture is completely brown, strain the cloves and transfer the liquid contents into a spray container.

Be mindful to wash out any pomade, gels or oils in your hair before you apply the cloves mixture. In two weeks you will witness considerable hair growth.

This mixture works on hair on the scalp and also facial hair. You can apply it as a leave-in or rinse it out.

Apply this two to three times in a week and Rapunzel will be green with envy.

Hurry up and hairy up.





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