This photo of Kuami Eugene by his look-alike will have your jaw dropping.

Ghanaian High-life rockstar Kuami Eugene is as sensational as they come. His music has serenaded Ghana and beyond for the better part of four years and he’s nowhere close to pausing that momentum.

His latest hit Bunker peaked over a million views in its first three weeks.

Isn’t that just impressive? Another thing that’s impressive is this photograph we came across today. It’s a picture of the Rockstar himself meeting his look-alike.

Kuami Eugene and his look-alike at the studio of Angel 96.1FM.

We kid you not it’s like looking at the man in the mirror. The resemblance is so uncanny you would think they were twins parted at birth. We honestly think Kuami Eugene and his family better look into some DNA testing cause this look-alike looks to alike for comfort. Just kidding (NOT!).

As it turns out Twitter Ghana feels the same way about Kuami Eugene’s doppelganger. They can’t even make out the difference. Could you?

Here are 8 Twitter reactions to Kuami Eugene meeting his look-alike.

1. We either.

2. Look!

3. Slightly.

4. One of these things is not like the other.

5. Why are we stressing mom like this?

6. And it’s crazy.

7. That wrist-watch though.

8. We are deceased and exiting the stage.





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