3 easy Three-ingredient cocktails you should know how to make.

Yes, we know, we know, it’s the start of the week. But not all of us need or even want to go into work. Some of us work from home. Some of us run a cannot afford the soaring fuel prices so we called in sick (cough-cough). Some of us aspire to be house husbands.

What? It’s a new day for the Equality Movement. Speaking of movement or lack there off since you won’t be making much of that after these cocktails, we came up with 3 easy three-ingredient recipes for you while you enjoy your Monday of leisure. Of course, after you’ve done the house chores like a good house husband.

You don’t need a full bar to mix yourself these real drinks.

1. Mint Julep: Bourbon/Whiskey + Mint + Sugar

Oh and you’ll need some ice. Firstly, you’ll have to make a simple syrup. No, really, it is simple. Just combine the water and sugar and bring to a boil. Stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. Place your mint in the syrup and refrigerate for an hour. Then place the mix in a cocktail shaker with your whiskey. Strain the mix and voila! Do well to top it up with some ice and some mint for garnish. You’re ready to get buzzed, Bomber.

2. Moscow Mule: Vodka + Ginger Beer/Juice + Lime Juice

Russia is in the news for all the wrong reasons but here’s a great one for your glass. This simple-to-do cocktail requires just a simple mix of the above ingredients. Less lime juice since you don’t want to much zest.

3. Daiquiri: Rum + Lime Juice + Sugar

Do not let these bars in Osu fool you. It is easy to make a daiquiri without all the cocktail shaker cartwheels and gymnastics. These bartenders shake it up unnecessarily like it’s the E-levy debate.

A simple mix of these ingredients and you’re gone in the wind. We suggest Bacardi Supreme. It is a bit pricey but trust a few ounces and the job is done.

Happy sipping, cocktail lovers.





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