When we talk of classic attires, a tux has been the ideal choice for very special occasions. Wearing a tux means elegance but this does not mean you just put on a tux and you’re good to go. You have to respect the etiquette and traditions of wearing a tuxedo. Here are tips on how to look elegant in a tux and have heads turning at every point.

When to wear a tuxedo.
A tuxedo has always been considered an evening outfit. Tuxedos and tails were considered the only appropriate attire for elegant evening events before the second world war. Regardless of the dress code, stick to wearing your tux for evening events. You’re only excused to wear a tux during the day if you have a busy diplomatic function during the day and an evening event.

Michael B Jordan at an event

Where to wear a tuxedo
Most formal events require tux as dress codes for guests usually indicating that it is a black tie event. A tux can be worn at operas, private parties, prom and weddings.

couple attending prom

How to wear a tuxedo.

The tux jacket must strictly be single breasted with a single button front fastening. Lapels must be peaked or shawl.The color should be classic black, blue, white or ivory.

tux jacket

Shirts must be strictly white with a wingtip collar designed to be worn with a bow tie. It should buttonholes for cufflinks. Bow ties should be in black silk. A white bow tie can be used for a tailcoat.

tux shirt

Avoid pants with lapels or pleats. Tuxedo pants should not have belt loops. Socks worn must be black and avoid shoes with too many details. A shiny black or matted shoe is preferable.

tux pants

Don’t just wear a tux. Respect the etiquette and feel the elegance.





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