8 TV show theme songs that had a chokehold on Ghanaians

There are a few things that make up a A-Grade TV Show for many Ghanaians. One is how miserable of an origin story the main character has. If there’s no Suffering Olympics, we dont want it. The second being the main character graduating from Emelia Brobbey-tears to Suzzy “My Middle Name is Hardcore Revenge” Williams. We love a Good Girl Gone Bad come up. And the third? The TV show’s theme song.

As a lover of telenovelas myself, I find it no surprise that these opening songs had a cultural hold on many Ghanaians. Especially the ladies.

These 8 TV show openings from the 2000s definitely had a chokehold on Ghanaians.

Do you recognize any of them?

1. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach opening theme song

The opening theme of Sunset Beach is an instant classic. Some girls even came up with their own lyrics by mentioning character names alongside the music. Suddenly, everyone is a Songwriter.

2. Cuando Seas Mia

Cuando Seas Mia Telenovela opening theme song

First and foremost, this series had a chokehold on every Ghanaian…for almost a decade! Parents wouldn’t want us watching but we’d still find a way to watch Digeo serenade Paloma at the bottom of her window after messing up. For the 20th time! This theme song had the boys and the girls wanting to sing along to guitar strings. Couple that with the salsa fad of the early 2000s and you had a bit of Mexico right here in Ghana.

3. Passions

Passions Opening theme song

This was such a wholesome and uplifting song. And it didn’t help that everyone in that show looked like a supermodel. Why wouldn’t the girls be all hot and bothered? P. S: that Tabitha and Little Timmy subplot was so overplayed. Chale!

4. Rosalinda

Rosalinda opening theme song

Another salsa-inspired opening song of the 2000s. Because of this song the girls started putting flowers behind their ears. Did it get them the precious Fernando José of their dreams? We’ll find out in the next episode of the Heartbreak Hotel.

5. The Promise (Pangako Sa ‘Yo)

Pangako Sa ‘Yo opening theme song

This opening song would pull at your heart strings. The only thing sadder than it was the story of Yna and Angelo. If love has to be this difficult then I don’t want it.

6. Generations

Generations Opening theme song.

Now, this is what we call Jazz. I honestly don’t remember the gist of the series but this song would get you to boogie.

7. Bold & the Beautiful

The Bold and Beautiful 1990s theme song

Our first vision of the drama that comes with the glitz and glamour of the fashion world came in this series. You couldn’t watch MetroTV on Saturday mornings without hearing this. The omnibus was a weekend favourite.

8. Obra

Nana Ampadu performs Obra

The legend Nana Ampadu brought Ghana one of the most iconic songs on television and radio. Named after the OG Ghanaian serial TV show, this opening song was and is indeed the anthem of a generation. We probably need to bring back Ghanaian musicals.





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