Twitter reacts to Tunde Onakoya’s life-transforming philanthropy

Tunde Onakoya is a man on a mission to transform the lives of children that need it. The young philanthropist first got world-wide acclaim for using the game of chess to not only empower but enhance the lives of young children living in slums. The founder of Chess in Slums is building a community of children who are centering their lives around their love for the game.

Tunde Onakoya’s philanthropy extends to not only Chess training but also child adoption. He posted on his Twitter an update regarding Sunday, a boy from the harrowing slums in Ikorodu, whom he met approximately a year ago. Today, Sunday is taking his first step towards transforming his life by attending school.

Tunde Onakoya’s post generated a groundswell of support and sympathy from celebrities in Nigeria. Including a retweet from international personalities such as socialite, business mogul and philanthropist Paris Hilton.

The reactions to Tunde Onakoya’s acts of kindness have really inspired many on Twitter.

Here are some reactions to Tunde Onakoya’s life-transforming philanthropy.

May God and His kindness and goodness continue to magnify Tunde Onakoya, his team, is boys and his mission.


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