Valentine cooking: these cooking oils are the healthiest options for you.

We are still in the month of love and cooking is the way to most men and some women’s hearts. If you are looking to have a private homecooked cuisine date with the special man or woman in your life then this is for you.

We decided to give you a little tip on what are the best and healthiest options when it comes to cooking oils. Do not believe the hype about oil brands that just slap ‘Pure’ or ‘High in Omega 6’ stickers on their bottles. Some of these heavily processed oils are filled with inflammation-causing agents which in the long run can lead to cancer.

First and foremost, any olive oil that is yellow is definitely NOT a good cooking option. It has been refined and processed and that is not healthy. Always go for oils that are green or in green bottles. Those are the good and healthy stuff.

Note: Always look out for organic or unrefined options.

Here are 3 cooking oils that are the healthiest options for you.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This organic option is good for your heart because it is rich in Omega 3 fats. Omega 3 Fats curb inflammation and reduces plaque build up in your blood vessels. If there ever was a great option then it would be this.

2. Avocado Oil.

Yes, there is a reason why our grandparents love avocado with their ampesi. Avocado is great for you; brain, heart and blood. Also high in Omega 3 Fats, avocado oil has oleic acid which also reduced inflammation and lowers cholesterol.

3. Organic Virgin coconut oil.

Coconut is definitely a healthy option and it packs a flavour too. This option is great foe frying as well as low heat. However, do not be generous with it. While many use it for deep frying it is better used sparsely when cooking.





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