Want to know the name for a group of toddlers? Find out here.

Children are a blessing from God. Unless those children have the spirit of Dennis the Menace hovering over their every action!

Kids are precious and raising them takes a lot of heart and attention. See our very own sweetheart Nana Ama McBrown. If ever a picture of stressed but maintaining beauty existed. But then, I digress…

Nigerian Indie film director Imoh Umoren seems know this all to well. He took to Twitter with a blanket tweet describing a group of toddlers; toddlers we presume are within his vicinity.

The response to his tweet was overwhelmingly sympathetic.

Here are 12 funny responses describing a group of toddlers.


Mother dearest.

The noise comes with the T’s & C’s

But nursery school fees already costs a leg in this town.

After the tears is the cruise.

The best teacher.

The law of relativity.

No mistake.

Thank God for Para.

Without a doubt.

At least it’s just for one day or…?

Heaven doth speak.





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