Watch highlights from Black Menswear’s sartorial Accra Flash Mob 2022

Last Saturday (July 23rd), a sea of zooty black men swarmed Ghana’s Independence Square. Black Menswear made a case for the sartorial gentleman at their 2022 edition of the Accra Flash Mob. Coloured suits, lapels, coordinated wide-brimmed hats and Italian leather shoes was the dress code. You either come with class or in class.

What is Black Menswear?

Black Menswear is an organization that showcasea men dressed in suits, to shed light on the positive stories of young Black men. First starting in the US, the Black Menswear organization has not only made the migration to Ghana but is inspiring a conversation around style and the Black men cultural narrative.

In an interview on GTV’s Breakfast Show founder of Black Menswear NeAndre Broussard expressed the mission and success of these flash mobs. “Black Menswear is an organization that we started to change the narrative of Black men, changing the narrative of our culture in our community,” NeAndre Broussard, said.

Broussard who has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram is using his platform to shed light on positive images of Black men which he believes are rarely depicted in mainstream media.

“We use the imagery of suits as a way to inject more positive imagery of Black men into our communities. Really looking at the forward moving and success and those kind of things that’s really synonymous with the suit. We wanted to really use a platform to inject positivity to gather and bring guys together and network and really try and build that comradery on a national level,” Broussard added.

Rock Mitchell, the creative director at Black Menswear organized the Accra Flash Mob. Apart from being the city’s absolute dapper gentlemen for the day, the Black Menswear Accra Flash Mob set the platform for comradery as well as networking.

Hiplife Legend Reggie Rockstone was among the trim crowd at the Black Menswear Accra Flash Mob.

It is refreshing and indeed inspiring to see such fashionable finesse being expressed all in one place.

Here are some photos and exceprts from the Black Menswear 2022 Accra Flash Mob.





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