We bet you didn’t know these 6 old wife remedies.

Did your Ma ever tell you to drink tea with lemon and honey when you had the flu? Or how about chewing garlic to prevent viral infections? If there’s one thing the garlic breath will definitely prevent anyone from coming close enough to infect you with anything.

Old wife remedies are cultural treatments or solutions to everyday problems. While most of them are grounded in ‘alternative’ health treatments some include everyday activities. And although it may seem like there isn’t any concrete science to back them up this doesn’t stop them from being effective. The nifty thing about old wife remedies is that they usually do not require anything extraordinary. You may probably have some of the things needed for the remedies in your pantry.

Here are 6 old wife remedies you probably did not know about.


1. Charcoal in soups and stews.

I know. Sounds insane. Why put charcoal in soup? Why put charcoal in anything edible? Period. But it’s true. When your soups and stews are going bad dropping a small amount of charcoal in it can be helpful. The charcoal nullifies the rancid smell and may even with flavour.


2. Baking soda and warm water for athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s Foot AKA foot rot is more common than you think. Sometimes scrubbing the spaces inbetween our toes does not do the job enough. Dipping your feet in a basin of warm water mixed with baking soda will do the trick.


3. Washing your toilet bowl and sink with Coca-cola

Never thought you’d hear coke and toilet in one sentence, yes? Yup, the very same popular soft drink. Our toilet bowls and sinks easily collect scum. Shelve your bleach or detergent and use a bottle of coke to scrub your toilet bowl for 5-7 minutes. Your washroom will be sparkling fresh.


4. Pepsodent to treat acne

Pepsodent keeps your teeth fresh and clean but apparently your face too. Applying a generous amount on your face for a few minutes is said to unclog pores and get rid of blackheads that lead to pimples. Go figure.


5. Ayilor (edible clay) for skin

We would never encourage anyone to eat edible clay. Many people claim eating it works as a detoxifier. Some pregnant women say it helps to tame diarrhea, discomfort, nausea and others during pregnancy.

Our disclaimer is this, we have not seen any concrete proof whatsoever of any of this. However, using ayilor on your face is known to smoothen the face and skin of dark spots and blemishes.


6. Baking soda and vinegar for food grease.

Scrubbing the burner and the bottom of your pans can be a workout. Literally. But by applying baking soda and vinegar on your pans and gas burner for 5mins you can have them looking brand new with just a swipe of your sponge. Say goodbye to food grease like they never were.

So there you have it. 6 easy old wife remedies for you to try out.

Do you know any other old wife remedies. Drop them in the comments below.





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