Wendy Shay’s new hit Survivor goes No.1 in South Africa Spotify Viral Charts

Ghanaian Hiplife star Wendy Shay’s Survivor has just gone No.1 on South Africa’s Spotify Viral Chart. Wendy Shay has been delivering some of the best self-affirming music this year. Early on this week the singer went viral with a heartfelt piano rendition of her latest single Survivor.

She shared it on her Instagram feed and just like it happens on the Internet it blew waves.

The positive response to this intimate side of Wendy Shay was second only to her Glitch Africa performance.

Currently, Wendy Shay’s Survivor is trending number 1 in South Africa’s Spotify Viral Charts. She shared her single’s chart-topping success on her IG feed.

We love to see- or rather, hear it. If you’ve been chopping breakfast left and right this year, this is the self-love song you need to muscle up your heart.

You can stream Wendy Shay’s Survivor here.





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