We’re obsessed with Hamdiya Hamid’s stylishly modest OOTDs

Hamdiya who? Hamdiya Hamid AKA Rich Aunty @mss.deee that’s who? We came across her while scrolling through fashion and travel Instagram reels like we always do during lunch break (don’t judge).

Oh boy, oh boy, were we stunned and dazzled. Her Instagram feed is absolute fashion goals. Hamdiya’s IG scrolls like a September issue of Vogue Arabia. We had to share.

Hamdiya Hamid is a digital content creator who describes herself as a Modest Style Enthusiast. We had to delve further and it turns out she’s also a designer and an event planner. Yes, her wardrobe is all hers.

Hamdiya runs Ibisa Styles, a clothing brand. She is also a partner to Taste N’ Mingle; event planners that promise to bring all those Pinterest picnic jpegs you bookmarked to life.

You can check out her clothing line here and her event planning company here.

Considering how chic of a beauty she is, we are not surprised by her other prolific skills.

Get inspired to elevate your Modest Style wardrobe by checking out 10 of our favourite Hamdiya Hamid OOTD looks below!

1. Only the latex for our queen.

2. Flowers to go with our hair.

3. Casual but a statement

4. Tule much drip.

5. Rich Aunty’s Spotted

6. Elevation pants persuasion.

7. Raffles that are cream of the crop

8. Business cash for the sisters

9. Your favourite Rich Aunty is a Golden Girl

10. Carefree but stylish





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