What a wow! TikToker Khabby Lame becomes 2nd most followed with 100+ followers!

Senegalese born Tiktoker Khabby Lame has officially grossed over a 100million followers! A hundred million followers. That’s like all the people in Egypt.

This comedy-sketch influencer has enough followers to start a country. Go figure.

Khabby Lame who goes by the name Khabby00 on social media has sketches which usually include sarcastic reviews of innovative products which could be done in simpler ways. He assesses life hacks and points out easier alternatives which would save more time and effort. The Italian-based influencer has been amassing a large following from his TikTok, Instagram and Youtube sketches from how relatable his content is.

His sketches have even accorded him reference from football stars such as Kylian Mbappé and Achraf Hakimi.


Here are 10 of Khabby Lame’s funniest sketches.


1. Key to action



2. The kids are not alright



3. Pasta technology



4. Not even thank you



5. I couldn’t even think far enough for a caption for this one.



6. Oh, Ma Lizzy.



7. Rich man problems?



8. JHud said, you need to hit them with your pocketbook.



9. Ok…now why are these people allergic to showers?



10. Dumsor special.








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