What would you do? Choose death or mourn a stillborn child?

Fridays are for ruminating about the oncoming weekend. Drinks with friends, long naps and partying like a rockstar (if that’s your thing). This Friday however a controversial Twitter post is garnering some traction. One of those “what-would-you-do?” type of posts.

Twitter handle @kylareetarh posted a personal opinion regarding what she would rather do.

Clearly, she is no altruist and there’s nothing wrong with that. Her life, her choice. And honestly, self-preservation is a very human characteristic.

Her post went viral, as controversial posts usually do on Twitter. The responses where somewhat biased and some balanced. Some folks posted their own choices and what they would rather do. What do you think you would do? Choose to die in the delivery room and save your child or live to tell the tale and have another?

The answers don’t come easy when it usually involves a life- especially one you love.

Needless to say, here are 10 Twitter reactions to What would you do? Choose death or mourn a stillborn child?

1. The truth of the matter.

2. A man’s perspective?

3. This we like to hear.

4. A good word is always welcome.

5. Proverbs, proverbs.

6. More positivity

7. Now that’s just cold.

8. Choices, choices.

9. He read them.

10. Amen!


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