When does your baby start recognizing you?

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Do you wonder if your baby recognizes you? You realize babies hardly cry when a stranger carries them when they are very young, they start growing two teeth and now they even do not want to go to their grandparents. Seen videos of when babies do not recognize their dads after they shave? Here are some signs your baby is beginning to recognize your face.

Continually stares at your face
When your baby stares at you when you feed him, cuddle and in a crowd, then you know he recognizes you.

baby staring at mother

Knows your boobs
When your baby knows the breasts that feed him, he knows you well. He will gag or cry if another person tries to feed him.


Knows your voice
Your baby knows how you sound. It’s no surprising they start crying when they hear your voice from afar after they have not seen you for a while. They make sounds when you speak and smile when you sing and play with them.

baby recognizing mom’s voice

Smiles at you for a second
People say a baby’s smile is just an involuntary reflex, ignore them. A baby’s smile is just them reflecting your own smile and building bond with you. They smile when they see your face and associate seeing you with feeling good.

baby smiling

Gives you smooches
They start to kiss you. It feels like they want to eat your cheeks or lips. They notice how you show love to them and try to do same. They are eager to learn and practice.

baby smooching mom

Holds up their arms
They start showing the body language, ‘pick-me-up’. This shows they’ve come to trust and love you.

happy baby

Freaking out when you leave
They get upset when you leave them to run personal errands and they’re excited when you get back. They are used to seeing you everyday and understand you do not just disappear any time so they tend to be anxious when they realize you are not around.

baby freaking out





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