8 stylish ways to wear braids as seen on Hajia4Real

When it comes to stylish and edgy hairdos, Hajia4Real is one of our favorite pegs. Aside from her infectious music, impeccable wardrobe, and her make-up which is always a 100% serve, we noticed that one of her go-to hairstyles are braids—and we can’t blame her!

With a face like Hajia4Real’s? I’d style myself in a variety of braids styles anyway anyhow. Braids are almost never a miss but sometimes they come off remedial in style. And that’s where our hair muse Hajia4Real comes in. She’s a lady who believes in variety being the spice of life. And that spice is what gets everyone turning and admiring.

Apart from the fact that they are beautiful to look at, braids also free your hair of heat and manipulation for weeks on end.

If you need inspiration for your braids then Hajia4Real is the icon for you.

Do you want to be a Fine Girl, Fine Girl from Ghana?

Then for you, we rounded up 8 stylish ways to wear braids as seen on Hajia4Real.

1. Thin Box braids

Easily one of the commonest styles, braiding your hair like this brings out the angles of your face when left to fall over your shoulders.

2. Beaded cornrows.

Clean and intricate is how we’ll best describe these braids. They are girly and pull back your hair to show that gorgeous face of yours.

3. Kinky braids.

The name says it all. Something kinky. Something feisty. Have some twists to your braids with this style right here.

4. Braided ponytail.

Braiding can sometimes feel heavy, we get that. So why not try a simple but sleek braided ponytail? Something to twirl for our eyes.

5. Thick Box Braids.

Sometimes bigger is better. Yes, even when they say size doesn’t matter. Try out this thick box braids today and witness how your stock goes through the roof.

6. Half Cornrows Half Individual Thin Braids

Braids can be very creative and versatile, however you want. Mixing cornrows and thin braids is just one way to show this. You can tie them into a ponytail (as seen above), let them loose or place them in a bun. Your braid, your choice.

7. Poetic Justice Box braids with Caramel Highlights

Named after the long braided look that Janet Jackson wore in the hit 90’s film, this updo with some caramel highlights are just what the Hair Gods recommended.

8. Gold-plaited cornrow braids

Now this is a statement. You get these braids when you want to remind folks that you are a Baddie with a mission and a vision. Just in case they forgot the memo.





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