Why are men losing interest in settling down???

The preliminary results from Ghana’s latest census places women to be the majority sex. Based on provisional results from the Ghana Statistical Service, Ghana has 400,000 more women more than men.

The total number of women for Ghana is 15.6 million whilst the total number of men is 15.2 million.

Based on these numbers, the percentage distribution is 50.7% females whereas the male population is 49.3%.

These numbers bring into perspective the question of “Why are men losing in marriage?”.

A post by a @omoalufaa, a handle on micro-blogging platform Twitter raked in some perspectives and responses from other men.

The conundrum seemed so vague at the start, but guessing from the commentary there appears to be a common sentiment shared among the viewpoints. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Here are 10 answers on Twitter as to why men are losing interest in settling down.

1. Womp!

2. TedTalk much?

3. This one wants no problems.

4. My sides.

5. Detailed it all.

6. What a waw!

7. It’s all about the money, money, money.

8. Another varied opinion.

9. Trauma hour?

10. And it all sums up.





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