Wondering what to wear on that hot first date?

Dressing up for a first date is something else. That else being a mixture of anxiety, topped with a whipped helping of nerves and a “every-minute-am-I-dressed-ok-thoughts” as a cherry on top.

See that face? See how Miss Lydia Forson is stunting on us with that well-made up face? That’s how you do it.

Nobody wants to look like they as trying too hard. In the same vein you do not want your date thinking you did not try at all. You are finally meeting that girl your work-friend said he’s hooking you up with. Or maybe it’s that eligible bachelor your Choir Director says would be perfect for you. Impressions, impressions, impressions- nothing more delicate than the first kind. You want to get it right. You already have the venue for the date in mind. What you want to order. Maybe some talking points as well. Now it’s about what you are going to wear.

Let’s get your confidence a booster shot with these 4 easy tips for choosing your first date outfit.

1. Choose your favourite colours.

We don’t care if it’s orange or sequin. Choose an outfit with your favourite colour in it. You’ll not only be comfortable but also be positively radiant from whatever colour you fancy.

2. Dress to fit the location.

Where’s the date at? Is it casual? Is it an open-space? Is it upscale and bougie? Let these questions and the venue be the inspiration behind your look. You don’t want to wear a Freakum Dress to Pizza Hut. Your girls would disavow you. As the should!

3. Avoid extremes.

Make-up. Outfits. Perfume. Aftershave or showing too much skin. Please, it’s a first date and you are selling your most authentic self (we hope). Do not come in smelling like a tanker of Brut. Wear something that compliments your stature. Enhance your features. Don’t overwhelm it.

4. Comfort is the word.

Dress in what’s comfortable to you. We know fashion and comfort are words that are miles apart. Nonetheless, you do not want to be caught scratching at your tenders during the whole date, do you. Uh-huh, we thought so too. Don’t wear anything you can’t walk or breathe in. Wear something that makes you feel free and the best version of yourself. Your confidence will come flying out and the more you smile the better your date’s cadence.


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