Word to the wise: 5 fun Word Games to play on your phone

Wordle is the online word game that is sentencing social media into a frenzy. Basically, you have to guess the word in only six tries from some of the most consonant five-lettered anagrams. All those people whose English Teacher did not die in 1956, please report to the front. Thank you very much.

Honestly, word games are a whole lot of fun and they are a productive way to while away time. You get to build your vocabulary while improving on your acumen.

If you are as in love with Wordle as we are and want to keep up the momentum then these 5 fun word games are just for you. The beautiful thing about this is that these games are both Android and iOS compatible so no excuses on your part.

Here goes. Charge your brain cells with these:

1. Hangman

Remember this from back in primary? Well, now you do not have to waste any pages from your jotter.

2. Anagraphs

Did you ever read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons or DaVinci Code? If you did then you probably came across some of the most cryptic anagrams ever. Immerse yourself in this game and see how far your mind’s eye can see.

3. Scrabble GO!

Scrabble is easily the commonest word game out there. And now your favourite word boardgame is easily accessible in the palm of your hand. Flip the letter tiles and construct a words along the way.

4. Words for a Bird

This beautifully made app encourages you to complete word puzzles for well- a bird. We absolutely love this one not only for how pretty the interface is but also because of the background music which eggs you to play more.

5. Wordscapes

Crosswords, word search and anagrams meld together in this app here. Plus it comes with a leaderboard if you are looking to be competitive. Make them smell pepper!





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