World Egg Day:Celebrating the importance of eggs for 25 years

Today is world egg day. It’s not a joke. Google it.

We have celebrated World Boyfriends’ day, World Girlfriends’ day and etc, and eggs can  not be left out of the celebration.

Since the beginning of time, we have pondered over the question of who came first? The chicken or the egg? But as Ghanaian as we are, we don’t mind and we can eat both mother and child at a go.


Every year on the second Friday in October, World Egg Day is commemorated, and this year celebrates the 25th anniversary. On this occasion, we’d like to give you a quick rundown of this egg-cellent day!

World Egg Day was created to raise awareness about the advantages of eggs and the importance of safeguarding the egg industry.


Eggs are said to be heart-healthy. They raise LDL protein levels in the blood, which lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes. They are high in antioxidants, which benefit your eyes and lessen the risk of cataracts and other eye issues.

Eggs can also help you maintain a healthy weight and cholesterol level, as well as enhance your memory.


“Eggs for All: Nature’s Perfect Package” is the theme for this year’s event. Eggs are certainly nature’s perfect package, as the theme implies. Eggs have been a source of sustenance for everyone from babies to adults. It’s a staple dish that has fed millions for centuries.

So when you see the kosua ne meko seller today, remember to buy from her and not stand by her while you eat it. Walk away people. Walk away.





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