We are gushing over these 10 haute looks from Xtra Brides Lagos

When we saw what Nollywood sweetheart Ini Edo wore to fellow actress #ReelDeal2022 we could not help but clutch our pearls. We all know dressing up hot and haute is like Ini Edo’s second skin but we still weren’t prepared for this slayage. The colour, the satin fabric, the taper to her torso and the bejeweled designs; absolutely divine.

Take it in. See how she graces us with a smirk? She knows she’s pulled a superlative look. This is a 10/10. Miss Ini Edo’s outfit was only second best to the bride of the day.

We had to know who made it. So we went snooping. Our search for Ini Edo’s outfit plug took us across the Nigerian border to Xtra Brides Lagos (X B L).

Xtra Brides Lagos is a Nigerian fashion brand based, eponymously, in Lagos, Nigeria that makes exquisite luxury gowns and dresses. The international fashion house has offices in the UK and Turkey.

Its founder and creative director Oyetomiwa Elizabeth Daniel addresses her success to God’s grace and passion. She stated in a recent interview, “Well there’s no venture that’s easy but the fashion world is a crazy place to be and it takes only God’s grace to fuel the passion in you so you can keep moving.”

Oyetomiwa Elizabeth Daniel of Xtra Brides Lagos.

Daniel added that she’d always been one to point out fashion mistakes whenever she saw an outfit on TV and that is what led to her becoming a perfectionist with her designs. She melds raffles, peacock feathers and beads in ways that can best be described as fine art.

Xtra Brides Lagos has some of the most stunning signature designs we’ve seen on not just the continent but the world over. A quick glance through their Instagram feed gives ample reason why Xtra Brides Lagos has fast-become the threader of choice for many celebrities and influencers.

Here are 10 of our favorite haute and hot looks as seen on Xtra Brides Lagos’ Instagram feed.





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