You need these 10 practical work hacks if you’re new to the company

So you’re the new person at the company, right? Congratulations on landing the new job.

You’ve gone through orientation and training. You’re determined to make this new job the best place to boost your career. Your motivation is running hot and you’re eager to show your experience and capabilities. That’s nice. Everyone loves a good employee with a great work ethic.

However, there are some hacks that you’ll probably need at your new work place that you never considered. Hacks to help you with efficiency. Hacks to help you meander through office politics. Hacks to stay sane in a high-pressured work environment.

These hacks may seem commonsensical, but then we rarely take note of them when we’re looking to be the next Employee of the Year.

Here are 10 work hacks you’ll need as the new employee.

1. Use the Pomodoro Technique to tackle tasks.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method based on simply splitting your tasks up and assigning each of them a 25-minute time slot. You set yourself a timer and concentrate solely on that task. After 25 minutes is done, have a 5-10 minute break! This method allows you to cut down on interruptions and take note of how long it takes you to complete a task effectively.

2. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks while working.

If you’ll multi-task then multi-task productively. Listen to productive podcasts and audio books while working. The lesson sticks and you’re also getting your tasks done. May we suggest this great podcast by Rick Roll on hacking behaviorual tendencies? P.S: don’t do this if you work in the service industry.

3. Don’t make contributions to the first 3 work meetings.

You’re eager to prove your worth. We get it. However, you need to understand your new work place’s culture. As the new comer, sit down and observe. Take in what you see and process. This will inform you on how to better tackle or respond to work-related issues and situations.

4. Make the office gossip your friend.

This way you learn all about the work business, the employee’s and employer’s business, and get to keep your business solely your business. The latter point depends on you not also oversharing.

5. Keep a notepad for writing points down.

You are not a computer. You can forget. The smart thing to do is always keep a notepad or jotter handy for taking notes of ad hoc tasks or any salient points that may boost your work productivity.

6. Keep physical copies of conversations.

Have you had to defend yourself verbally to your boss regarding a difficult client? The stress alone. Especially when your boss to a heavy believer in “The customer is always right”. To be on the safer side, engage your clients via electronic messaging. Take screenshots of correspondence if necessary. They may one day save you from being fired or better yet get you a promotion. If you think its necessary, audio record conversations with characters that have proven to be questionable wirh their intentions.

7. Mind the business that pays you.

It may be hard to hear but no one at work is your friend. They are your work colleagues. You are replaceable. Do well to mind your business and set boundaries. It’ll save you the headache.

8. Remember to stay hydrated.

Water is life. Remember to have a bottle of water close by while at work. It’ll cool you down, keep you refreshed and also get your skin looking good. The only downside? Occasional washroom breaks which you would have taken anyway if you had to walk to the office water dispenser every one hour.

9. Don’t say No (most of the time).

Unless you’ve exhausted all options, don’t say no and don’t agree that you can’t do a task assigned to you.

10. When you go to the office washroom and see the toilet seat closed, just flush before opening the lid.

Take our word for it. Don’t be a hero. Just flush!





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