You should not forget to do these 6 things when planning a Christmas party

“It’s the wonderful time of the year” This song is living rent-free in my head courtesy of my Instagram feed.

Christmas is 4 days from now which only means the merrymaking and festivities will be a constant itinerary on your calendars. If you are hosting your own parties as well, don’t let the Pinterest and IG photos of well-curated decor, plating and people having fun fool you.

Christmas party planning is really hard work that takes a lot of knowledge, patience, tact and finesse. Know this and know peace because humans can be generally insatiable and hard to please.

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Your attention to detail will also come to play because every well-planned party always comes down to the details.

Speaking of details, you may easily overlook or forget certain things when planning your Christmas party. Don’t worry. We got you. If it’s about throwing down the best party for baby Jesus that will earn you a coveted spot in Heaven’s magazine then we dey for you.

You may be new to the Christmas party planning game but these easy tips and dos will assure your success. Here are some of the top party planning tips to have a successful event.

Have a theme

Always come up with a theme. A Christmas Party despite being the birthday of sweet baby Jesus should have a theme.

Themes are fun and exciting, and a great one will keep your party on the lips of attendees for ages. pyjamas-inspires, Santa Claus and elves, the nutcracker, gingerbread house theme, the Polar expree…the options are many. If you are religious, you can also play around with the nativity scene as a theme. You can browse the internet for ideas or ask friends for inspiration as well.

Take account of party and tech set-up

You always need a contingency plan when organizing the Christmas party. Think about all the scenarios that might require a contingency plan. If the party is outdoors, plan for if there’s bad weather. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your space and party set up till the 11th hour. This is one of the biggest oversights many party planners and hosts make. Especially with regard to the tech set-up. You don’t want to derail the party with tech issues. Account for the music, lighting and power ahead of time.

Make a guest list and then account for 20% more

When it comes to events during the end of the year, there will be gatecrashers and anything can happen. The smart thing to do is to have excess as opposed to less. Account for extra seating, extra food and any extra goodies. This is important, especially when you are planning a bigger party than usual. This will also help you prepare in case you have limited party space.

Invites timing

A lot of party planners either send out invites too early or too late. If it is sent out too early, the party could be forgotten. If it’s too late, the guests might not have enough time to plan to attend. The best time would be far enough in advance to guarantee guests won’t already be booked, but close enough to the date that they will be looking forward to attending. We suggest like they do in corporate; a two weeks notice. Another reminder three days before the party wouldn’t hurt either. P.S. include directions and contact to the invites.

Prioritise all five senses

First and lasting impressions rely on many things but most of them rely on stimulating the sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch senses. What does this mean for you? Your venue must look visually amazing; with lights and decor set up. It should smell pleasant and inviting; with aromatic flowers or oil diffusers. You could offer a welcome drink on arrival, enjoyed with a soothing backdrop of music. Your guests should have access to comfortable and plush spaces to socialize before the actual party gets started. Best believe you’ll have your party attendees right where you want them.


Christmas is the season of giving and it’s important to prioritise giving out gifts to patrons at your party. They do not have to be expensive but they should be thoughtful and practical. People may want to throw out their Christmas party favours as soon as they head home especially if it serves no purpose in their home.





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