Zubzz gives 9 restaurant concepts that Accra absolutely needs

Zubaida Zubzz is your one-stop guide to all things culinary in Accra. She knows which restaurant’s kitchen is hot and which ones aren’t so all that.

If you’re looking for an authentic food guide who knows which wines go with venison then you may look no farther. Her Instagram page is a showcase of Ghana’s finest eateries and she’s no where close to pausing on her journey to explore Ghana’s food art.

Today, however, Zubzz is not giving us free insights into which menus are affordable for middle-class earners or which upscale restaurant serves premium chow. Today, she’s giving us her personal take on which restaurant concepts Accra, our beloved capital, needs.

Here is Zubzz’s 9 restaurant concepts that Accra absolutely needs.

1. A Deluxe-portion food restaurant.

All our four stomachs are ready.

2. A traditional Japanese restaurant.

Imagine saying ‘arigato’ as your waiter brings you your tuozafi. Services may include client-hoisters. For our senior citizens.

3. An all-you-can-eat wing buffet restaurant.

Fly me away to a place where wings are free.

4. A gold food restaurant

Gold is the standard.

5. A dome-shaped restaurant.

6. A 2D restaurant

We feel someone will write “I waz here some” before their meal even gets wheeled in.

7. An all-black restaurant

This seems like a terrific idea. Beyonce said it after, “Black is king after all”.

8. A Pool/Restaurant Bar

Imagine the vibe. Sip on your daquri while bobbing in the water. Now if that isnt experiential then we do not know what else your tastebuds needs.

9. A naked restaurant.

I’m sorry but this is it not happening. Not in Opanyin Kwame Nkrumah’ beloved Ghana.


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