Zynelll Zuh gown moments we absolutely fell in love with in 2021

Only Zynnell could manage to reveal no skin while still drawing attention to each and every aspect of her body.

Zynnell Zuh, an award-winning actress, produce and fashion icon, launched Zyelegant, a high-end fashion and cosmetics boutique in the beginning of 2019. She has since built her brand, dealing in luxury bridal styling, premium couture millinery, luxury organic skincare and beauty goods as well as luxury accessories and garments.

Zynnell is one of Ghana’s most well-known actresses across the continent of Africa. Her film career began in 2004 in Ghana with her first on-screen performance in Point Blank Media’s movie titles ‘Sticking To The Promise.’

Every time she wears a gown, she makes it count. Scroll down for the top 10 Zynnell Zuh gown moments we can not stop talking about.

Readily Red.

O for Orange. O for Outstanding

Beaded Green

Crowned Saturn

The Ruffled Blonde

Feathered wings

Born and Red on a rock.

Gorgeously Green with envy

Beautiful in Black

Geometric shoulders and a statement waist piece


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