13 Ghanaian men who are changing stereotypes about hair


It’s an undisputed fact that being a man is a difficult task and compounded with being African plus certain traditional stereotypes and customs it gets harder.

However, these factors have not stopped a new crop of Ghanaian millennials in their quest for self-expression and achieving self-actualization through hair and beauty.

A year or two ago, spotting men with a quirky hairstyle was close to near impossible with few creative “rebels” doing their own thing when it came to male grooming.

The only “acceptable” code of beauty was either a fade hair cute for young men, bald for most old men or the Punky Joe which was one of the highlights of the 70’s and 80’s with the Afro making a comeback after being ditched for several years

But the trend is changing with bold, confident and talented young men all over the social media space changing how we view men’s hairstyle one quirky look at a time. From dyed hair in different colors and tones to braids among others, these men are daring the ordinary and standing out wherever they find themselves, be it at the workplace (FYI your boss might still not be quirky-hair friendly), club, church or on the streets of Ghana. According Bra Perucci’s blow,

Here are 13 men who are turning heads with their trendy hairstyles

Joey B

Born Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin, Joey B as his popularly known has been in the public eye since his “Oh Vera” and “TONGA” days under Black Avenue Muzik. Celebrated for his revolutionary style that has inspired a younger generation, the Adidas brand ambassador after taking a break to create new music resurfaced with some fresh tattoos and blonde hair which have got the ladies swooning some more.

Mr. Eazi

Despite not being Ghanaian, the Detty Nigerian man has strong Ghanaian influences on his music and has stepped on a few toes just by supporting Ghana. The “bank size” hit-maker has built a globally recognized brand with his sense of fashion reigning supreme. After flirting with the curly tip fade hairstyle for a while he’s upgraded to dreadlock with some dye. We are not sure if his Father-in-law to be, Nigerian Billionaire, Femi Otedola is cool with it but we are loving it and that’s what matters.

FlyBoy – Geesus

Henry George Blagogee the singer/rapper one-half of the fast-rising hip-hop duo from Tema, PhootPrintz who has gone solo with major hits in Ghana known by his popular showbiz name Geesus aka “The Flyboy”, in other ways has change the fashion scene in Ghana with it comes to Hair style, the artiste who features Stonebwoy on “Kisses For Breakfast” which is now nominated at 4Syte Music & Video Awards never goes a day without keeping his hairstyle neat.


Beauty remains the prerogative of the beholder but with young men like Joshua Essuman also known as RJZ, it’s the rule. The budding music talent who has recorded hit singles that has captured hearts of other youngsters is one who has set eye balls rolling with his platinum blonde curly hair. Defining himself as the beautiful boy, we bet Kim K is even jealous of how he pulls this look off effortlessly with that rich-dark melanin skin.

Darko Vibes

Your Man Crush Monday can’t pull off a Darko Vibes and that’s okay, changing from one hairstyle to the other and still managing to look dope is for experts only. Darko seems to have all the girls and even the guys on his side and who wouldn’t with all that talent. Sometimes we get “green” with envy.


In all honesty, we’ve lost count of the number of times Ghanaian rapper, Akitiwrowro, has changed his hair color in 2017 alone. However, we are not tired as we won’t mind seeing more cool colors perhaps he could try all the colors of the rainbow to be fair to us.

Yankey Himself

If you didn’t get the memo the last time, Orange is the new black and that’s how eternal Ghanaian metrosexual general, Bernard Fiifi Yankey epitomizes. Despite being a journo and a corporate guy, Fiifi explored men’s grooming with orange hair for a while because indeed normal is boring. Sadly, he is gone back to the usual black.

Akwasi Dapper

If you thought blonde hair was quite extreme, then Micheal Jayden Dinsey known by his Instagram handle @1dapperjayden_ shows you the mother of extremity in green hair. In a post on the social media that has made him popular in our days, the junior fashion editor at Glitz Africa magazine quipped; “AS I BEGAN TO LOVE MYSELF” I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow. Today I call it “MATURITY”.
If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down”


How Ghanaian model and socialite, Wesley Kesse manages to survive corporate Ghana in blonde hair is still a mystery to us but we are 100% down for it any day. At least, it gives the office some oomph or what do you think??


Ghanaian stylist, Kelvin Vincent has seen it all and done it all from braids, Mohawks and different shades of blonde hair. For someone who has been doing this since the 90’s, he’s challenged a lot of social norms and code for men. He deserves the props after all.


We are in dilemma choosing between what’s juicy; the cake or the hair of Ghanaian Artist Shim?? At the end of the day, this model, designer and stylist has always been cut out from the crowd, styling the Afro in different looks that could get your #WCW triggered.


Name someone with a more iconic hairstyle than that of visual artist, curator and model, Nii Abbey, we’ll wait but we won’t wait for long anyways. Gradually, we’ve all come to accept the dread locks on top of a fade which he started back in 2015 and so far, not so bad.

Elikem Kumordzie

Whether hair on top of your head or on your face, hair will always be hair and Elikem Kumordzie, who wears several hats as a tailor, actor and dad seems to be in a level on his own with his dyed beard.

Source: www.BygoneGh.Com

Images Credit: Instagram
Article: Bra Perucci



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