#BBNaija's Gedoni proposal to his sweetheart Khafi is the best Christmas gift anyone could ask for

Former Big Brother housemate, Khafi Kareem got the best Christmas gift this year as her BBNaija co-mate turned lover, Gedoni asked her to be his wife.

Toasting to their future

The two had a huge connection during their stay in the Big Brother House this year have been dating after the competition ended a few months back.

An excited Khafi shared the news of the proposal and subsequent engagement via Instagram on Christmas evening.

She wrote: “Oh, and I got the best Christmas gift ever 😊❤️💍#MrsEkpataLoading”

The announcement as been met with various reactions as fans and colleagues congratulated them on their engagement.

Khafi flaunting the rock on social media

Khafi who is a British Police officer got in trouble with Scotland Yard after videos of her and Gedoni under the sheets flooded social media during her stay in the competition.

She said”Yes”. Gedoni and Khafi had a connection during their stay in the #BBNaija house





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