Class of 2020: Meet the most Stylish Men of the year.

The verdict is out again as we crown the most fashionable men who graced our social media feeds.

These men dress to kill even in a pandemic and it was the content we subscribed to literally. From Nigeria’s Denola Grey, to Ghana’s Gyaldem Sugar a.k.a Kidi, these urbanite metrosexual lads dressed to be seen and noticed.

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They did not hide under baggy monochrome clothes and sneakers and even if they did, they upped the ante with flair and style.

We have come to understand that there is a difference between being well-dressed and being stylish. You can teach a person how to dress but style is never something that can be passed on or taught. You will notice the unique fashion sense and style of everyone on this list as you scroll on.

These stylish men made sure to bring to our screens some the best fashion-forward looks of 2020. The combination of rawness, class and style is unmatched.

Check out who made the cut for the most stylish men of the year.

Audrey Luanda

When the style bible a.k.a GQ South Africa names you as part of its best-dressed men for 202 then you should be doing something right and we agree. Free lance model, blogger and photographer, Lunda gave us tips, inspirations and looks to die for in 2020 via Instagram.

The Orange Nerd

Fashion designer by day, stepping on necks all season is how we describe the brave, bold and alluring Orange Nerd. Orange Culture, C.E.O Adebayo Oke-Lawal wear his passion on his sleeve literally. What we love most about his style is how he explores other African designers and merging their aesthetics with his looks.


Some of us watched BBNaija lockdown season just to obsessed about Ebuka’s fashion and style. A great host by all standards but his fashion reign supreme as he kept on giving us every time we opened social media.


Even without a shirt, Kidi was still best-dressed. 2020 was his biggest year yet as a musician with his “Say Cheese” single topping the charts but it was his experiment with fashion staples and friendship with designers that define his year for us.

Kidi was featured in Atto Tetteh’s S Theorem feature film, performed on stage at the VGMA in a golden sultry two-piece with sea weed hues and tailoring from Anku Studios.

The icing cake was definitely all the casual looks he dropped on us daily like an atomic bomb.

Denola Grey

In 2020, Adenola Adetupun popularly known by his showbiz monicker, Denola Grey was the guy to watch and admire at every occasion. Whether he was attending the AMVCA or an industry event, he brought a regal touch and signature to the outfit.


The fact that basketball’s post-game interviews are watched primarily for the fashion is due in no small part to LeBron James, who will wear a shrunken Thom Browne shorts suit to offer up his analysis. Not since Michael Jordan has a player brought so much style, sophistication and fashion daring to the game.

Akin Faminu

Is your Dr as stylish as Akin Faminu?? Akin has a unique sense of style that is original. For a fashion blogger, he has a flair that translates in his shoots and it caught our eyes in 2020.


 We have always admired how the confident King Sarkodie managed to position the fashion side of his brand from “anything goes” to “well-thought through” concepts. As the vanguard of rap music in Ghana and even Africa, Sarkodie has always been a trendsetter whose drip is a culture in its own league.


Davido has an authentic sense of effortless style and we see it in everything he wears especially in 2020. From his glossy magazine cover to sophisticated tailoring to performance outfits, he knew what he was doing.

Mofe Damijo

RMD makes fifty something look like an exciting time to be a man. The handsome actor and former politician manages to get everyone drooling over his notable style choices.

Wesley Kesse

Tiktok King, Wesley Kesse was the shinning star of 2021 he almost blinded our eyes with all that swag and bling. Suits, onesies, streetwear and everything in between was his masterpiece.

King Promise

2020 was a good year for King Promise both on and off music. Gregory understands the power of his music coupled with his style; its gained some powerful and rich friends too and more adoring fans.

Pappy Kojo

Pappy was stuck in Italy during the most part of 2020 but his fashion wasn’t affected. We still love easy he is on the eyes.

Bernard Yankey

For a man whose former social media name was Metrosexual_Yankey, Bernard has a stake in how he looks. He wields a certain oomph, class and sophistication only seen in aristocratic circles in Hollywood movies.

Mawuli Gavor

Mawuli Gavor is cool. He reminds us of the fresh new kid in school who is in his lane but still has everyone talking about him. We love how he mastered his style and hasn’t followed the trends.

Stephen Appiah

Our forever captain and provider of memes is a true style aficionado who dabbles in the art of style and selecting eye-catching and jaw-dropping pieces.

Prince Brefo

As the co-founder of a fashion brand that doubles as a youth movement, Prince Brefo seems to know the ins and outs of fashion. The Free The Youth design virtuoso’s inebriated style is a vivid cocktail of vintage, streetwear, modern tailoring, and bespoke looks. Not forgetting the spirited fro and hip look he spots.

Ian Kweku Yeboah

If Law Roach, Anna Wintour and Tom Eerebout were into polyamory, Ian Kweku Yeboah will be the radical offspring of their encounters.

Ian is bold and the fact that he doesn’t care about what you think of his style whiles having a swell time really is what endears him to us.

He passes the fashion test with aplomb anytime we critique his looks.

Majid Michel makes fashion look very easy even on his very casual days. He is always well-dressed whether in a tailored shirt or a jacket and that’s the power of a superstar

John Dumelo

Even on the campaign trail, we felt John Dumelo’s fashion come to play. Sad to see him not go to parliament but at least we pick sartorial notes from his feed.


Activist, Actor, Music and Stylish Man! Really what can Falz not do?

Tino Chinyani

Tino is pushing the boundaries and frontiers of men’s fashion with his own personal style and it’s a joy to watch.

Sandile Mahlangu

When we watched Netflix SA’s ‘How to Ruin Christmas’ during the holiday season, we left at the end of the series fully in love with Sandile Mahlangu’s acting and his style even as an actor. And we were not wrong when we followed his page, he had everything a stylish man possesses; flair, confidence, drip and panache.


One of the best gifts BBNaija gave us in 2020 was Neo’s fashion sense.

Swanky W

No Swanky, No Styling and that’s on God. Period


Asephua dresses like an Ivy League kid who has just landed in Paris for International school year but sneaks out to attend fashion week. The fashion photographer gets fashion in his images and his clothing choices.

De Love August

Delove is here because he is not influenced by others, he carefully picks his looks even if they’re casual and delivers them.

*This article was written by Hannah Frimpomaa with additional reporting from the style desk.





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