How To Celebrate Ghana @ 64 Independence day during a pandemic


Whiles local Ghana Twitter and the Innit squad are trading blows and invectives on social media over who has the right to celebrate Ghanaian Independence Day and the other issues around that have come up.

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We still believe you have the chance to be a patriotic and responsible citizen by keeping safe especially as we battle a pandemic. The last time we threw caution to the wind, we all saw what happened and how President Addo D almost threatened to lock us down again.

So please don’t be a fool because you heard of a vaccine. The Corona virus is still around and all protocols are still being observed.

In upholding and defending the good name of Ghana, don’t be the reason the virus spreads further, take precautions as you celebrate independence day 2021.

Here’s a guide to doing thing right.

1. Avoid crowded spaces

You might think this is the best time to get together with some friends and drink some chilled beer and talk about how slow you think Ghana is progressing; please it is not. You’ve worked enough since the Christmas holidays, why don’t you use this as an opportunity to catch some sleep? You can get in touch with friends via video conference calls but if you really feel like stepping out, mask up, wash your hands regularly and remember to use hand sanitizers.

2. Do thorough checks before planning a getaway.

A getaway sounds fun. You are tired of home breeze and you want to relax far away from home. Seek travel advice before heading to your destination. Find out about ht e covid level in that area and if it is safe for you to come around.

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3. Don’t forget to mask up at public spaces including the beach

Think independence day in Ghana and think of filled up beaches with loud music. It is true staying active and in an open aired area reduces your chances of catching covid. Well, you can catch covid at the beach. Don’t be negligent, mask up, avoid close-in person conversations  and wash your hands regularly.

4. Theme dressing in Ghana Colours on Social media

Lockdown has proven how good we can be with social media challenges. Maybe now is the time to get you make up brushes  and Ghanaian dresses and drop those Tik Tok videos or selfies. Represent Ghana proud.

5. Watch a movie

Coronavirus cannot come in between you and a movie. Pick an old school movie and have some fun. I suggest movies like The Boy Kumasenu, Kukurantumi to Accra and my favourite; Heritage Africa.

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