Iftar: 5 healthy Ghana food recipes for breaking your fast during Ramadan


It’s the Holy month of Ramadan our Muslim brothers and sisters. The seasonal fast comes with its perks like weight loss and health improvement through body cleansing.

This fast season seeks to enhance them spiritually and physically. There is an increase in one’s glucose level during fasting since the body uses its carbohydrates as fuel, thus it is important to note what one should and should not eat.

According to QZ, Muslim break their fasting with an Iftar meal; a daily ritual during the holy month of Ramadan.

A traditional Iftar menu comprises fruitsjuicemilkdates and water. The belief is that Prophet Mohammad ate three dates when he broke his fast.

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The long fasting period will definitely have facing side effects like headaches, muscle pains, fatigue and sleep disturbance.

However, this does not mean you rush to break your fast with foods you have been craving during the day, this can cause inflammation and some uneasiness in your stomach area, try options that are easy to digest before jumping on the heavy foods. 

1.Try some fruits.

Have fruits that are not too citric for the stomach. Fruits like watermelon, apples, grapes, dates and avocados will digest easily. Avoid oranges and pineapples if you don’t want your stomach walls being pinched.

2. Have vegetables.

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Have some vegetables to prevent constipation. The fibre in the vegetables will make you feel full and are very good vitamin sources. You can even try a vegetable smoothie if you are going fully green

3. Eggs are good.

They will help you reduce muscle loss when fasting. Boil some eggs and enjoy. Please I never suggested that you add pepper to the eggs (I know my people).

4. Don’t forget your koko.

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Have some light porridge from hajia. It is light and perfect for breaking a fast. It will help with issues like constipation.

5. Yoghurt

For the bougiee ones who don’t have porridge in their neighbourhoods and can’t make some, yoghurt will do the trick.

Don’t beat your already tired mind thinking of what you could break your fast with. Focus on protecting how your stomach will feel and not munching quickly on what you’ve been craving throughout the day. Happy Ramadan to you all and may Allah grace you with the strength to finish this self-enhancing journey.



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