Meet Ann, she’s been a bridesmaid for 27 times.

Being a bridesmaid can be a pretty hectic or fun endeavour depending on the couple and other factors involved. For most ladies after one or two stints as a bridesmaid, they say goodbye to it and never look back.

However, this is the alternative for Nigerian social doctor, Ann O.J.E who has had the honour of being a bridesmaid for 27 special couples, which is probably the highest we’ve ever heard.

Being a bridesmaid has also given her the opportunity to travel around her country Nigeria, literally from Delta to Port Harcourt as she brings smiles and a helping hand to would-be brides.

The beautiful Ann being made-up before one of her weddings

In a blog post on Bellanaijaweddings, Ann shares her experiences as a bridesmaid and twice as a chief bridesmaid.

According to the beautiful Nigerian damsel, she’s always had a penchant for dressing up for weddings.

“Honestly, being a bridesmaid for me has always been about wearing a nice dress, similar in looks with a number of other people walking down the aisle with the bride and groom waiting at the altar along with a congregation witnessing the joining of two beautiful people in holy matrimony (Church) or in a magistrate court.” She wrote

Pointing out that her love for weddings also influenced her to do so many weddings.

“I have always been a sucker for love for as long as I can remember, so being a bridesmaid is something I enjoy doing. For me, it is like a mini project. It is very dynamic because no two are alike and I get to handle different requests from the bride, family and also the guests at these events. The fact that I am able to handle all tasks effectively and efficiently buttresses my problem solving and multi-tasking abilities. I have had the opportunity of being a bridesmaid in over 27 wedding ceremonies to a point where I was given a nickname by friends “Bridesmaid for hire!”. Ann said.

She’s however quick to caution that she’s not a “bridesmaid for hire” as all of the bridesmaid’s duties have been done for family and close friends.

“From doing that, some of my friends went as far as posting pictures of me with that caption ‘Lol’. A lot of people bought into the idea that I was, in fact, a “Bridesmaid for hire”, which of course isn’t true because I only agree to be a bridesmaid when it’s either a friend or family that is involved. “

She also mentioned that another reason for being a bridesmaid is because she gets to meet other bridesmaids and become friends or possibly soul sisters after the ceremony.

Just like any bridesmaid, Ann wants to be a bride in the not-so-distant future and she is already looking forward to her big day with delight.

“Honestly, as much as I am looking forward to being the bride some time and someday soon if I get called upon to be a chief bridesmaid again, I will definitely say yes. In truth, I am already looking forward to it”  She concludes.





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