8 times Osebo the Zara Man made the news for his bizarre fashion sense


Richard Opoku, widely known as Osebo, has rapidly risen to fame in Ghana as a result of his out of the ordinary fashion sense and style. 

 He is probably the second male celebrity in Ghana who looks amazing in a kilt(skirts for men) coming right after Wanlov Kubolor of course.  

He has been intensely criticized by most Ghanaians for the way he fused western culture into that of Africans in his fashion looks. 

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 But Osebo explains in most of the captions to his Instagram posts that, “ Fashion is madness, confidence, creativity and a vision” No truer words could have ever been said.  

He is the owner of 24/7 Zaraman Boutique and treats Ghanaians to regular stunning looks.  

Here are the top 8 fashion-forward looks from him that caught our attention.  

Coming through with the outfit. 

Who knew these two colours went together so well? 

It’s the matching bag and shoes for us honestly 

We see you leopard print!! 

The scarf, bag, jacket and the hat? On point 

It’s the legs for me 

Come through color combo🔥❤️

 And that’s on what?  Fashion! 



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