Feminism: The Inequality in the women’s fight for equality

Relax power woman. The fight for equal rights is never-ending.

I get it, it can be annoying listening to that patriarchal man spew shallow thoughts on issues personal to you, it’s not a war, just relax. Before you go about bashing all men for a man’s thought, do well to sieve the bad nut out and educate him to refrain from stupidity. 

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It’s no time to put on that armour of hate for the battle of the sexes, most people are tired of this war. The feminism fight is not one where we compete for power, it is one where we fight for what should be ours.

It was brought up to free women from the restrictive shackles of feminine pursuits, not to kick men to the curbs and create a world of amazon women.

We all need each other, it’s time we all understood we all have our strengths and weaknesses and finally put an end to the never-ending debate of who is best. 

“What men can do, women can do better”, well, I have no interest proving to a man I can do something better.

Whatever I choose to do, I do because I have to do, not because I need to prove that I can do.

The point however is that, a woman should not be restricted in any way because of her gender. Once she is capable, she should be given an equal opportunity. Imagine thinking someone cannot execute a task because she is woman, stupid right? Tell the devil to get behind you and open up yourself for some enlightenment.

Women have been gifted with multitasking abilities. A woman who stays at home, a woman who spends most time at work and a woman who combines both all have their super strengths.

Now think about this, women can be egg donors, they can be surrogate pregnancy carriers, they menstruate sometimes with unending pain (women are ever ready to trade some of these), a woman can drop split without caring about balls.

But let’s not leave the men out, they have for a long time acted the front line commandos at home. Who goes to check that bang downstairs at night?

Who has to be strong to comfort you when you both hurt? Don’t you think the man has been pushed too hard to hide his emotions?

Imagine losing a promotion because you were in competition with a woman and your company tried to prove a woman empowerment point, imagine you lost the chance of being a valedictorian because the school needed to pick a woman, sucks right?

Now every time you’re quick to bash a man about his privileges, think about how many times they have been sacrificed so you do not feel marginalized.

I think it’s time we end the war of guilt-tripping and understand every individual has his or her own unique abilities and skills, both genders are different in several ways, everyone is made different. Only fools are out to make you feel any less.

If a man says all women are bitches, society tags him a sexist. If a woman says all men are dogs, they get to go free. Now you don’t want to be a bully because you enjoy privileges where you’re not held accountable for some actions.

Before you come verbally bullying me, remember we are all trying to be entitled to opinions here, it’s not hard writing out what you think as well and equally share to the world, please spare my tired self, I only yearn for peace between the sexes. It’s fair I pointed out the inequality in this equality.





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