A Quick Reminder Why Nigerian Youths Can’t Give Up The #EndSars Movement Just Yet

The ongoing protests in Nigeria is no longer a secret neither is it a bluff to the Nigerian government and the world. 

It’s been over a week and still none of the protesters agitations have been granted in full. To a majority of the Nigerian populace, the country has been a joke to their elected leaders and they demand immediate reforms hence hashtags such as; #enoughisenough #reformnigerianow #endpolicebrutality. 

So we have decided to put together a couple of videos from Nigeria to let you see probably why Nigeria might have just been a joke to it’s caretakers over the years.

You don’t have to prep your minds for an article here, just get your popcorn and drink ready and enjoy these classics from the stables of Nollywood…

PMB, laughing so hard at what was supposed to be a serious executive meeting.
NDDC Managing Director, plays on the Nigerian public intelligence when he pretends to pass out at his hearing after allegedly embezzling huge amounts of money meant for the Nigerian people.
Senator Dino Melaye, tries to resist arrest by putting up a good show of shame. This act came after he was found hiding on a tree in Abuja during a search for him.
Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose publicly lamenting that he was harassed by the IG of police after he failed to get his way with some political decisions in the state.

All these videos are clear illustrations of how frivolously the Nigerian government has handled the affairs of its people over the years, they also serve as a clear reminder to the fighting Nigerian youths why they must not give up their protest and struggle for a better Nigeria just yet.

Photo credit: shoeboxng

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