7 Modest fashion ideas to copy from Hamdiya Hamid

It’s modest fashion blended with latest trends and no one does it better than Ghanaian Hijabi Hamdiya Hamid.

Hamdiya Hamid, a Ghanaian fashion blogger, rose from being a little-known Muslim fashion blogger, humbly sharing her hijab-tying tutorials on social media, to becoming one of the top 10 contestants in Miss Malaika.

With an unmatched fashion sense and a love for diy fashion, Hamdiya, known by her followers as Ms. Dee has amassed a following of almost 29K.

Let’s take a look at some of her looks that caught our eyes and are worth being added to our wardrobes.

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Long flowy Kimonos

Teaching you how to really wrap it up is Hamdiya with an oversized and long flowy kimono with striped patterns. A long kimono really fulfills the needs of every Hijabi why still keeping the look chic.

The colors, to die for.

Wide brimmed hats

Killing two birds with one stone. With a wide brimmed hat, you can keep the sun away from your skin, preventing sunburns while covering all that needs to be covered. Bonus, wide brimmed hats have a way of making you look like you have more money than you actually do.


Layered clothing is a way of dressing by wearing garments on top of each other. Careful, not all clothes can be layered. You can layer a strap dress over a long sleeved tight turtle neck but not a loose one. You can but unless you’re on the runway for a Gucci fashion show, it is not advised.

Animal Print

From snake print to leopards and cheetahs, animal print will never go out of trend. They look best when matched with solid colors.

Ruffle pants

Ruffle pants, a thread from the 90s that have now returned and are taking over fashion looks all over the world. One thing about ruffle pants is they look good on everyone and you do not have to worry aboout your figure while you’re in it.

Monochrome outfits

While multicolored outfits look good, nothing can counter how stylish a monochrome look is. Monochrome is not just black and white, you can wear different shade of one colour. Just pick one that brings out your best features.

Wide-legged pants

Wide-legged pants are known to lengthen your legs and make you look taller than you actually are. They are also super comfortable.

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