Consider these reasons before postponing or cancelling your 2020 Wedding


The current state of the economy and the world at large is changing before our very eyes.

Gedoni and Khafi were set to marry this month but has been postponed due to COVID-19

Suddenly, the things that some may have taken for granted in the past has become of utmost importance as we strive to maintain the economic and social status quo.

Our health, hearts and minds are to be considered before we take the next steps towards living normally again. 


If your wedding is scheduled for this year, you may want to consider how your plans will change being that movement and travel restrictions are prevalent all over the world. 

How are you going to deal with the current state of affairs- should you postpone or cancel your 2020 wedding?

Here are some situations that may cause you to consider postponing your wedding:

A Faraway Destination

If you planned to have a destination wedding with only your closest family and friends and you would like for them to be present, consider pushing your wedding forward by a few months at least. You don’t want to put anybody’s safety at risk.

Health Concerns

Even after the lockdown ban has been lifted across various states and countries, one may want to wait to see if cases of COVID-19 reinfection occur. Couples may consider postponing their wedding to a later date in order to make sure it is safe to have people gather at a wedding.


If a couple has not budgeted properly or planned their wedding based on financial projections as opposed to their current liquidity then it may be a good time to revisit a wedding budget and postpone the wedding. As changes in the economy occur, this may mean salary cuts, moving homes and potential job losses.   

You should only consider cancelling your wedding if the following occurrences are prevalent:

The Rise of Irresolvable Issues 

These may even occur if you are cohabiting already with your future spouse. This period may reveal the fact that you may not be able to live comfortably with the person you thought was made for you. If one’s life is in danger due to domestic violence, then the wedding should be cancelled immediately. 

Unsuccessful Counseling 

Has this period caused you and your partner to engage in more counselling sessions? You should only cancel the wedding if the outcome of such sessions is bleak and unfruitful. 

The cases that would influence a couple’s decision to cancel the wedding altogether may be extreme but if you’re planning on being with someone for better or worse, it’s now time to practice. 




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