#Graduation2k19: 15 fashionable Legon graduates whose outfits deserve a degree for style

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2019. We are proud of you!!!!

For these 14 folks on our list, we believe you deserve another degree for being fashionable and gorgeous on one of the most memorable days in your lives.

You guys just lifted the fashion-barometer a level higher than usual and we’ve decided to stan.

Once a queen, always a queen


That smile and that gown though. Staappp it!!!


We love a spiffy graduate


Have you ever seen a stylish chemist?? You just did

Give this guy an extra degree. He’s pipping hot!!!


This girl is on fire!!! Haute Couture


Most Fa!!!!!! Otoo with the big laughter and larger-than-life suit with a stole

Nii Otoo

Kente Queen


A look!!!! and we’ve decided to stan


Keep your feet on our necks queen!!! Choke us with that yellow jumpsuit






A whole stylish image for the family wall


What a fine girl!!!


Please, whose single boyfriend is this?? Asking for a friend


Wishing everyone who graduated from Ghana’s premier University the best of luck in your future endeavors. Proceed with wisdom, integrity and style to make Ghana and your families proud.





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