#HITCHED2021: Here are a few things you should know when planning a wedding


Everyone is aware of the hustle that comes with planning a wedding. YES, including you Mr./Ms. singleton.

It is the very thing that stops some people from having these huge, social media ‘worthy’ weddings. They will now just gather their cloth and go to court and sign. No stress.

Even with the best Event planner in the world there are definitely one or two ……

Nah. Let’s make that three things, that you might go wrong on your wedding day whether you
like it or not.

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Your wedding will NOT be 100% perfect.

Truth is you can dream of the most drama free wedding and plan to the tiniest detail, but there will always be one thing that doesn’t go according to plan. And most of the time, you cannot do anything about it so my dear DON’T COME AND KILL YOURSELF.

We all want perfect pictures that we will post and hashtag #hitched2021 and people will be commenting! “Ah wo ho twa! Ah beautiful couple”

But if we are being honest, these photographers will have you salivating while you are
waiting for your pictures.

If you are lucky you can get the pictures the following week, but
deep this, what if his hard drive corrupts? Or gets lost as he was going home?

Please when people are bringing their phones to snap with you do well to pose with your all.
Don’t be waiting for these photographers.

Dear bride and groom- to be, please and please again we are tired of calling RSVPs that do
not know the way and are impatient over the phone.

Yes, we get it, when it’s the actual wedding day everybody is hot, but this is why you need to choose someone who can handle the pressure.

Ubers and Taxi drivers will get missing and will be counting on your RSVP to be
the GPS of the day. Imagine looking for the church venue in your classy white dress and
ending up in a market, then you call Afia (RSVP) and she just shouts and hangs up??

These invitees list that people do; we can never understand.

Come on, are you not in Ghana? You can never budget a specific number of chairs. Like our sisters in Nigeria say, ‘Ko work now’.

Come off it! You better get some extra chairs for shegey reasons because you never
know when your mother will be inviting your father’s sister’s auntie’s brother’s best friend’s

Now we don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but if we don’t tell you, nobody will.

Please and Please Carry extra reception dress for your wedding. Just one of those ‘You never
know’ dresses.

You never know when the champagne popper will pour champagne on your
dress, or someone coming to do Snapchat with you, while holding their food, and have you
looking like the Serve Yourself dish.

All we are saying is don’t expect a 100% DRAMA-FREE wedding, cause it will over you.



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