At 66 years old, this Ghanaian JHS student is pursuing his dreams of a basic education


    A very wise man once said “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination” and this story of 66-year-old Kwesi Beiden proves him right.

    Kwesi Baiden is not the regular 66-year-old who is probably
    on retirement and has resorted to other pastimes to keep himself active and busy. For this father who lives in rural Ghana, he is picking up where he left off in the pursuit of the golden fleece by enrolling in a Junior High School with kids old enough to be his grandchildren.

    According to the Mozano District Assembly Junior High School student, he often felt left out anytime his children were engaged in a conversation thus informing his decision to go back to school.

    A fisherman by profession he added that this situation occurred frequently during his fishing trips with the kids and it made him uncomfortable.

    And so far, his progress in class is admirable and looks very promising. It is, however, unknown if he’ll pursue his education past basic school level or end it after he writes the Basic school leaver’s exams known as the B.E.C.E. Whatever the outcome, he’s an inspiration to many people.

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