Kafui Danku and hubby announce the birth of their baby boy


Ghanaian Actress, Kafui Danku has become a mother for the second time.

The beautiful actress and her Caucasian husband welcomed their second child, a baby boy, few days ago.

Danku who suffered three miscarriages welcomed her first baby, Lorde in 2017. She shared her ordeal and frustrations about the situation in several media interviews.

In a post on Instagram on Wednesday morning, the actress-turned-producer shared the joys of being a mum for the second time.

She wrote : “Hear me, your man of God is not GOD! Stop believing the dangerous lies! God is only waiting for you to acknowledge the fact that ONLY he can do what he will do ! If you still can’t differentiate between GOD and “Religion” , then you’re on your own. 

Stop giving the devil too much credit when he is actually minding his business window shopping at Agbogbloshie market.

Kafui Danku is well known for her movie roles and recently as an author of a best-selling motivational book “Silence is not Golden”

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