Review: The Best-Dressed & Worst-Dressed outfits at this year’s #GlitzStyleAwards

By very popular request, we had to write this review of the 2019 Glitz Style Awards.

Over the years, our reviews have cracked certain people up, others have felt offended and stopped vibing with us, we’ve received a few blocks on social media and what-have-you.

Not that we care because we are doing our job but we took a break and we are finally back for good.

So here is Yaw and Ruddy’s honest yet candid opinion on Saturday’s Glitz Style Awards.


Nikki Sammonas

Yaw: Nice dress but too much cleavage plus she’s the worst show host I’ve come across. I needed an aspirin for all her bland jokes.

Ruddy: This is a great simple look for her and it’s just perfect for the occasion

Zynnell Zuh

Yaw: Okay. Hohoe Madonna with the halo. Once again the issue is with the heavy cleavage but the dress was stunning. It oozed luxury and rich auntie vibe. Hopefully she didn’t rip off the idea from a foreign designer like she usually does.

Ruddy: Zynell always brings it to the runway and the glitz style awards was no exception. The color scheme is great but the head piece could be less

Ben Bond

Yaw: You can take Kumasi to accra but you can’t take Siano out of Kumasi. Dude looks like a character from pimp my ride. And what are those things?! Are those shoes or a machine??

Ruddy: He is a photographer so we dont expect much but hey

Nana Akua Addo

Yaw: Yasssss. I feel we should put Nana Akua Addo on the coat of arms. She’s earned it. She literally ripped the eagles of the real thing and placed it on her shoulders. Slay queens take note!!!

Rudolph: Nana Akua Addo makes a statement on the red carpet everytime and did exactly that with this outfit. SHE slayed this look for me.

Joe Mettle

Yaw: Joe Please hide yourself. I like Joe but looking like the knock-of-version of Aladdin and the Arabian nights isn’t a thing. I hope God will forgive me for touching his anointed

Ruddy: Same old same old. Mr Khatfan.

Mai Atafo

Ruddy: Simply exquisite from Mai Atafo. I didn’t expect anything less

Yaw: Mai Atafo for president.

Beverly Afaglo

Yaw: Beverly is officially the worst dressed for me. Everything about that outfit is wrong. The creases in certain key parts of the Body is triggering my anxiety. You can’t save this outfit.


Yaw: I’m tired of Kirani showing his hunger packs on every red carpet. Okay we get that he has sex appeal but Charlie


Yaw: Eazzy’s dress gives me too many emotions. 5 minutes I’m in love and another frame I’m pissed. Is that a flap or what?? But I love her hair and makeup. 5/10.


Yaw: I really don’t think I’ve seen Adomaa wow me with her fashion at any point in her career. Adomaa was a mess. I think she walked into the wrong event looking like the extended version of the decor. Girl Bye!!! Don’t come back

Ruddy: Oh gosh why ?


Yaw: Mzbel… Afia Schwarzenegger is coming… HIDE!!! She makes me want to be 16 years again. I love the colour Of her two piece and the bejeweled clutch. Look at the really curly hair and the gel. She’s one of my best dressed.

Ruddy: The make up looks great but she could have done better with the look.

Ameyaw Debrah

Yaw: I don’t want anyone crying on me but lol!! If he paid for this outfit, he better go for a refund

Ruddy: Well….. cry me an ocean

Mss Dee

Ruddy: Oh wow this is an amazing look on Hamdiya. Kudos to her just wish the top pattern was the whole dress

Yaw: I love the headpiece. And like you rightly said one pattern would have worked.

Valerie Obaze

Ruddy: Love this look. Very simple yet sophisticated

Yaw: The Roman look would even make Helen of Troy jealous or one of those girls in the Odyssey. Lol… I love a woman who knows what works for her body.


Yaw: Okay I love the dress. Not to body shame her but the folds on the side was a tad bit too much. But the hair and dress gets an A.

Ruddy: The base is not my favorite thing and is that Vaseline on her chest ??

Sacha Okoh

Yaw: The C.E.O of Viva Group gave us class and luxury in black. The hair is a classic and it really matches the tulle skirt. She makes black look really good.

Ruddy: I love the tulle skirt and the tiers.

Love From Julez

Yaw: Terminator be like. She looks like she came out of a Nigerian sci-fi. I’m really tired of seeing too much cleavage and skin. It’s really unsolicited.

Pappy Kojo

Pappy in crocs still looks better than Ameyaw. drops mic


If I see Harold at another even looking like a zebra I’m going straight to him and calling him out. Don’t these boys learn that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ??

Yaa Yaa

Yaw: The train was unnecessary. She looks like she was at a sod-cutting ceremony. Girl why?? Nice hair though

Deborah Vanessa

Ruddy: Oh wow this is a look. Sister Deborah looks absolutely gorgeous in this look and it’s a siren for best dressed.

Yaw: Deborah is just stunning. I love the look. She’s in my top 3 best looking ladies of the night.

Nana Oye-Lithur

Ruddy: No, this is not it…C’mon

Yaw: I saved the best for the last. I cannot can lol





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