Man of Style: How the suburbs of ‘Chorkor’ influenced Stephen Appiah’s ostentatious style

This is former Ghanaian skipper and international, Stephen Leroy Appiah.

He is well-known for his football prowess, patriotism, philanthropy and suave fashion.

Over the weekend, he shared snippets of his life story and steady rise to fame as a footballer with Joy FM reporter, Nathaniel Attoh on Joy Sports Link. Among the things he spoke about was his ostentatious fashion and how he came to acquire such a renowned taste in fashion.

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Appiah, 39 explained that the neighbourhood of “Chorkor” contributed to this lifestyle as he would save his meagre funds and shop with his friends at Kantamanto market; well known for the sale of second-hand clothing.

“During my Chorkor days, we (used) go to Kantamanto, with the small money that we earn on the streets we try to do something with it when it comes to dressing”, he revealed.

He was of the view that fashion was a universal idea but style is more personal and inspired by character

“I always say that when it comes to fashion, everybody knows how to dress because nobody goes out naked,” the former black stars midfielder pointed out “For me, it’s all about the character that is why you see certain people wearing pink trousers and pink shirts. It’s not everybody who can rock those colours. So its character and it started from Chorkor days”

Stephen Appiah’s love for fashion and his status as a style influencer among football lovers and Ghanaians inspired him to launch a Clothing line, Step App in 2007 with all proceeds going to charity. However, the brand run into a few troubles and had to close down.

Appiah has received several awards and nominations for his sharp look and a lot of raving reviews by fashion insiders/publication for his contribution to style in Ghana.

Check out some of his stylish looks till date





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