#BlackOutEid: 20 Black Muslims with the best looks for the Eid at home

Quarantine couldn’t stop the drip of our fellow young black Muslims who had to celebrate this year’s Eid-ul Fitr in a much different way-staying at home.

All over the world, Muslims are celebrating the end of the 30-day fasting and prayers known as the Ramadan with food, drinks and family whiles staying at home.

However, this year was entirely different as governments and religious authorities advised that they stayed home to observe the daily rituals as part of protocols to avoid the spread of the Corona Virus.

Since 2015, Black Muslims have hoped on the popular #BlackOutEid, created by Minnesota-based journalist Aamina Amo Mohamed to celebrate their culture in a bid to quell erroneous narratives about them.

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The podcast host, producer, screenwriter, and organizer who earned her stripes as an influencer and a voice for young Black Muslim women said #BlackOutEid was created to celebrate the beauty and joy of black Muslims.

“I felt it was something that we were aching for. An international connection and celebration. But even if it was just 10 people from around the world sharing pictures, I’d be satisfied. Knowing people anticipate it every year and sometimes make connections and fall in love is a plus,” Aamina told Paper Mag in a 2018 interview.

It even transitioned into a real-life event attracting scores of black Muslims in 2018 and witnessed another successful edition in 2019 but this year is a little different as most stay home.

As usual, the 2020 edition of #BlackoutEid was flooded with drippy young black Muslims and trendy families celebrating the festival.

Here are our best 20 from 2020 Eid



Nashaat Bello







Wally Seck

Rockyatu Otoo

Mr Prez 35



Mudan Abdi






Wishing all our Muslim friends and loved ones a Happy Eid.





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