#Mikella20: Meet The Akinrides!! Michael + Ella’s viral proposal and pre-wedding photos

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Ecowas 2017 winner and entrepreneur, Emmanuella Yaboh is on her way to becoming Mrs Ella Akinride very soon.

In a surprise turn of events, her boyfriend who had been hinting of marriage from the first day the pair met pulled a big proposal on her with the help of her friends.

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“I honestly didn’t think this was going to happen anytime soon, I made my plans but my plans and God’s designs didn’t fit,” wrote Lady Ella in a captioned video. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised twice this year and I don’t think my tummy can take it anymore”

In another post on social media, she shared the beautiful experience leading to the romantic moment that will live in her mind forever.

How they met

When Micheal Akinride and I met, he told me that we were going to get married. And I was like “if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard this” 🙄🙄 I liked the thought of it but I usually just laughed it off, to not get ideas in my head.
We got closer and closer, and whenever he introduced me to anyone, he would always say “meet Ella my wife”. And I’m like “oh please” or “yeah right” 🙄. He saved my name as “Mrs Akins” (pronounced A-kins) on his phone, and hung my portrait in his living room ☺️☺️
This sweet boy made himself a part of my family, got close to my siblings, went straight to my mum to tell her I was his wife already. 😌
Fast forward, he came to see my parents straight up and told them his intentions. Next thing, he came with his people to my parents and that’s when I knew everything was getting real 😅
And I was like, okay it’s official, he is getting married to me without asking me 😂

The Proposal

He invited me to an event, I was pissed he told me to go there to wait for him when we were supposed to get there together.
I walked into the most beautiful proposal ever, and it was my proposal. He said to me “did you think you were never going to get a surprise proposal? I know it’s what you love” 😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Look, guys, whoever God has ordained for u, no one can stop it, whoever is for you, is definitely for u. You don’t have to try to fit into anyone’s role, you don’t have to change the way you look or act to find the right person. Put God first and the rest would fall into place.


To my hardworking, independent ladies, don’t listen to people who tell u to stop being all strong cos you won’t find a man, or to stop being independent so u won’t chase men away. Do you, be yourself, don’t stop chasing your dreams. If God says it’s time, then it is, the right man who would appreciate, love, cherish and adore you, admire your work ethics would definitely come through.

Check out the creative photos of incoming Mr and Mrs Akinride below.


Mua: @ariyike_mua

Images: @felixcrown

Hairstyled: @abbeymattheworks

Fashion stylist: @magpayne1 





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