Sammie Doee turned Nana Ama’s birthday into a surprise proposal that got everyone in tears

What was meant to be a beautiful birthday party filled with friends and loved ones for Nana Ama turned into an unforgettable night of proposals and a wedding in a few months.

Entrepreneur, Sammie a.k.a Daakyehene who has been dating Nana Ama who is a Recruitment specialist and an entrepreneur for the past three years took things to another level at a private birthday celebration at New Asian restaurant, Kozo last Saturday.

Wearing a navy blue jacket, the groom-to-be who had invited the friends and family of his bride-to-be took everyone by surprise when he popped up later to ask her to marry him in a grand gesture that left everyone with tears.

Nana Ama was stunning in a yellow fringe dress with a side bob and stunning makeup on the night.

An excited groom, Sammie captioned a photo on Instagram, “Thank You For Loving Me Unconditionally And Being My Better Half .
Can’t Wait To Spend The Rest Of My Life With My Best friend @one_happy_gal ❤️❤️! ..”

We reached out to him and asked him a few questions about his relationship with fiancee.

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Nana Ama went for a wedding in Takoradi and a friend of the couple hosted a House Party which she attended.

At the house party, she met my big brother and they had a friendly banter.

Impressed by her character and affableness, my brother wanted me to meet her at all cost

When they got back to Accra they created a WhatsApp group chat for those who were around during the house party.

I was added to the group because he wanted me to join them the next time they go for a trip that was when I met Joyce, a.k.a @one_happy_girl in the group and we started vibing.

3 years down the line she’s made me the happiest man by agreeing to marry me.

How He Proposed

Her birthday was coming up and every year we try to outdo each other with the presents and surprises.

This year I didn’t want things to be the ordinary especially as we had to deal with a pandemic.

I quickly gathered a few creative friends and shared my thoughts with them. Thankfully, they were on board and we started scouting for the perfect location.

After, I invited all her friends to a private dinner at Kozo, to which they all obliged.

Unknown to them we had planned a surprise proposal set up with candle lights, baloons and more in a little garden.

During the night, I popped by and asked the most important question of the night.

She’s going to be mine for life. I love Joyce because she’s herself and down to earth. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

Watch the full video of the proposal below





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